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Techniques To Get Better At Painting

By :Jose Asse 0 comments
Techniques To Get Better At Painting

a) Colour Combinations: It's important to remember that too many colours can end up looking too cluttered. It's best to keep things simple and choose one or maybe two exterior colours for your home. You can also explore different shades of the same colour if you think things are looking a bit monotonous.

For the interiors, always pick your furniture and decors before selecting the paint colours. Also here you can give patterns and design by suitable combination of paints.

b) Choice of colours: When it comes to choosing colours, you should ideally explore many options. Look for inspiration and references, as you try to narrow down on what colours you like, and then work out combinations for those. Avoid black and dark colours that gather dust easily.

c) Factor in light: The colour and shade you choose on the shade-card could end up looking very different when applied on your home, depending on the quality and type of light that falls on it. It's best to sample a few colours and shades on the wall, to get a better idea of how it's going to end up looking.

d) Surrounding matter: The location of your home and what's around it should be considered while choosing your exterior home colours. While you want your house to stand out, make sure you choose the colours in such a way that it goes with the mood and climate of your surroundings and backdrop.

e) Think beyond just paints: Your home can really come alive with some furnishings, artefacts and plants, rather than just the door and windows. Choose the material and lighting properly, so that it all goes well with your paint. Also, choose a good colour combination for trims and accent colours.

f) Durability: Maintaining the paint of your home is equally important. While choosing the paints, irrespective of colour, make sure you choose durable and low-maintenance paints. Typically, 'satin' and 'eggshell' paints offer great durability and are easier to clean. They also give a nice finish to your colours.

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